Counting Gifts [yep, 2 posts in 1 day. eat it.]

I wore a t-shirt to church and didn’t freeze. At least not all the way. My extremities may have suffered a bit…oh well. ;)

The sun has been peeking through the cracks every so often, making the wet pavement shine. And now it’s finally broken through the clouds completely!

Wearing purple =))

They played Casting Crowns in the dining hall. Which really, really should happen more often.

There was lots of fresh fruit for lunch, and the melon was actually ripe and tasted amazing and the pineapple wasn’t hard as a rock.

There was carrot cake for dessert. Which yes, I feel guilty about eating. But the carrot cake here is the only actually good desert…and they don’t hardly ever have it. -_-

I have chocolate kisses. Mwahaha.

We sang amazing songs in church this morning, which got me thinking about all those Easter Sundays when it was me and Em and Daddy and the McKees all up front leading worship. *missing my old church*

I managed to evade the worship director, who still wants to take me out for coffee (eew…) and who wants me to dance sometime during the service. And if I evade him, I don’t have to tell him um, no way, not happening. XD

The church choir sang the Hallelujah Chorus, in all its awe-filled glory.

Getting to sit in a corner and listen to the choir practice, while reading Isaiah. Oh, the memories.

The train that keeps whistling, making me think of Emily and Rebekah…because I know exactly what direction those tracks lead…<3

Watching so many movies over the past three days. =D yesss. I’m so lazy. And now I have a ton of homework. -_- hehe =P but it was so worth it. XD

Staying up til midnight having a “girl talk” night with two other dancers who stayed on campus this weekend. …why is it that MY definition of girl talk is having a Wagner-versus-Tolkien debate, or enthusing together over the sublimities of opera and Jonas Kaufmann’s/Renee Fleming’s hair…and everyone elses’ definition of girl talk is making lists of all the qualities that make guys ok to date? …and why in the world was “having a six-pack” one of the top things on that list?? o_O I mean come on, priorities, girls. Priorities. Liking cats is WAY more important. …*grins* ~;)

There’s this amazingly lovely cold, damp breeze blowing in my window…

Thinking that in just five short weeks, I’ll be seeing my Mommy again…=)))

The beautiful silence and darkness that has encapsulated my dorm for the past three days. No offense to anyone here…but I rather like this campus when I’m nearly the only one on it. =)

Learning some new songs on my guitar.

Disciple. The band. I think…I really like them…*must listen to more to decide*

The lovely washed-clean sun falling over my bed and me.

And last but oh, most definitely not least…the prospect of going home in just a few more weeks…I. will. prevail.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Lulu says:

    I like how half of everything on here has to do with food :D


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      rofl!! Oh goodness. It does, doesn’t it? Well. When Phelps Dining Hall has good food, you better make a note of it…because it won’t happen again for a good long while. *grins* ;) =P


  2. Tiberius Shift says:

    1. Is there any doubt that Tolkien would win in the Wagner-versus-Tolkien debate? Honestly? 2. Cats rock. XD



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