like I said, my family is amazing.

I just did something that I have wanted to do for so long but have never thought remotely possible even in my fantasy world.

I was in the same room at the same time with my musical heroes. (click on the first picture and you can go through a slideshow and actually see them bigger…I think. XD) (Edit: I just realized that if you click on the picture and go through the slideshow that way, that you can comment on the pictures there…and if you scroll down it shows the aperture and shutter speed and everything and the type of camera I used on the right…SO COOL. O_O Hehehe =P …and all the pictures look slanted because we were sitting a little off to the side so they aren’t actually slanted it’s just at a weird angle. *nods* …and most of the pictures are horrible anyway because my ISO was up at 1600 because it was dark. -_- hehehe =P)

I was there. Casting Crowns was there. And I still can’t believe it ACTUALLY HAPPENED. Casting Crowns never comes anywhere near New England…at least they haven’t any of the (multiple) times I have stalked their website/tour dates…

But someone at our church told us over Christmas that they would be here…and I was incredibly disappointed because the ONE time CC comes to VT, I’m away at COLLEGE…


I didn’t even realize I was going to be home for this. I thought they were doing the concert here in April, actually =P But. I got home Friday afternoon…after getting literally only one hour of sleep the night before and waking up at 3:00am to get to the airport. And I was like…um…why? AND THEN THERE WERE TICKETS SITTING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE TABLE AND I WAS LIKE WHAT. I WILL NEVER BE TIRED AGAIN ARE YOU KIDDING ME HOW COULD I EVER BE TOO TIRED TO GO SEE CASTING CROWNS I HAVE BEEN A HUGE FAN OF (read: obsessed with) THEIR MUSIC SINCE LIKE A LONG TIME AGO AND I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO SEE THEM IN CONCERT BUT THEY DON’T COME TO THE NORTH EAST AND ONE DAY MAYBE I CAN BE HALF AS AMAZING AS THEM OR EVEN A QUARTER AS AMAZING AS THEM AND THEN I WOULD BE SO HAPPY AND WHATTTTTTTT IS THISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. O_O

It sounded just like that.

Actually it didn’t. I mean, that’s what was going through my mind. But I was too surprised to say half of it…*grins* Probably a good thing. ;)

I knew literally every song they played except one…and that one I had heard before, but only once or twice so I didn’t know all the words/tune. =P They played all the best ones…and it was AMAZING. It was a more acoustic concert, which I really really liked, so it was a little bit of a different sound than some of their CDs…but like I said, I really liked that. It made it new and exciting and different, even though they were all songs that I pretty much know by heart. I just wish it could have lasted longer, and I could have really met some of them. Those tickets cost a good bit more, though. *cough* =P Haha.

But it was so, so, so amazing. To get to hear their music live, and to hear them talk about how Casting Crowns first got started, and their visions for it, and everything. So amazing. =)))

And it wasn’t too loud, either. Which was awesome. I mean, it was loud but not ear-ringing-ly deafening…I could still hear when I left…which is more than I can say about some of the chapel worship services at my college =P Ha. Hope’s worship team out-blasted Casting Crowns. XD

Oh goodness…

*pulls up grooveshark and starts Casting crowns playlist…again* *puts on headphones so other people aren’t like ANNA WE LISTENED TO THAT FOR THREE HOURS STRAIGHT LAST NIGHT WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU*


*puts playlist on repeat* …=D

and hey…in case I forgot to say…did I ever mention that I really really like Megan (the pianist/vocals lady) and kind of would not mind being her at all? <3 …And yes…I did take 250 pictures exactly…and managed to edit them down to 71…and then managed to edit THOSE down to 35 to post on here…that was tough. O_O


And you know…I never realized just how incredibly SHORT the violinist actually is…


5 Comments Add yours

  1. vtgrandview says:

    Anna-you forgot to tell them about the floating lighted canning jars!!! Do show and tell!! They were cool!


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      Hahaha! Oh yea…all the lights (the hanging ones) were canning jars…that was epic. =P


  2. Lulu says:



  3. That is awesome! Casting Crowns is a great band. They were my favorite band when I saw them when I was 12 (they were touring with the very young Leeland…who still looks very young all these years later, lol). It was their Alter and the Door tour. It was the first concert I had ever gone to and I think I was almost as excited as you are.


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      Hehehe XD I dunno if I want to see you that excited…*cough* Sounds dangerous. O_o *grins* =P =P =P Ahhhh. O_O Itwasepiccccc. =)))))))))))



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