Dance 39 Performances Round One

I survived tech week. This, my friends, is worth partying…I need ice cream.

I managed to live through rehearsals every night of the week with no time to do any homework whatsoever and even less time to sleep, AND still take and hopefully not fail my Sociology midterm AND write my religion paper and get it turned in. HA. …Granted, the paper was due Friday and I  printed it off and ran it over to my prof’s office and slid it under the door at about 1:00am Saturday morning…but she said she wasn’t going to pick them up until saturday, so she’ll never know. *grin* I rock. =P

Friday was opening night for the show. I think dancing with Stowe spoiled me. This is the first time in a good eight years that I have danced in a recital or concert, rather than an actual ballet…and this is the first time in a good five-ish years that I have been onstage less than 90% of the time =P It’s really really weird to show up at the theater at 7:00 and not go onstage until 9:45…and then it’s only for four minutes, and then we go back, take off our costumes, and leave.

I also am thinking back on my Stowe days (Oh so long ago, right? XD) and marveling at my ability to dance an entire hour-and-fifteen-minute show on pointe… My piece is only four minutes now, and it’s like…hard. My feet and legs are really, really sore and tired after a week of rehearsing all the time…but this has been nothing compared to Stowe’s rehearsals, and I was on pointe a wholeeee lot more for those. Apparently I have lost more than I thought I did. =P I also miss having a character role…


Friday (opening night) went pretty well. Not spectacular, but not a failure either, so…;) Saturday was better, I think, and the audience was more responsive, which is always epic. It’s amazing how big a difference that makes.

We had a warm-up class at the Dow Center before walking over to the theater. Friday night Julie (my ballet teacher) did warmups. On Saturday, Matt (my modern teacher who ROCKS) taught the ballet warmup, which was interesting. I didn’t know he did ballet. =P It was by far the funnest, most energizing ballet class I’ve had since I left Stowe. My normal ballet teacher is amazing, and I really like her…but Matt’s class was different. It was actually challenging, and he did really fun hard stuff for petite allegro. Which is my favorite part of class. And he used the same CD that one of my teachers from Stowe always used for our class…good memories. All in all, the warm-up class was a lot like the ballet classes from Stowe, and it felt so. so. so. good. It was a totally amazing Edge of Glory moment. Ahhhhhhhhhhh. Everyone else finished the class and were like dying and complaining, and I was like bouncing off the walls…I think they all thought I had gone mental. =P

The dressing rooms for the theater here are tiny, so the ballet dancers (us) and the tap/hiphop people all got to go sit in a classroom in the basement of the next building over until the last third of the show, when we walked back and then got the dressing rooms to ourselves. It’s kind of nice. Once we were all settled in and makeup was applied and nude leotards and tights donned, we all got to sit around for another hour and a half and wait. Woo. I was going to do Sociology homework, but the florescent lighting combined with the scanty amount of sleep I had was giving me a headache, so I ended up crawling under a table and trying to sleep instead. That failed too, btw. Next time I’ll bring my computer and listen to music. =P Anyway. Pictures are forthcoming. I didn’t take many with my camera, and none of them are of me or our costume. XD So. But. There will be pictures eventually.


…And you have no idea how many typos I just went back and fixed. I haven’t caught up on sleep and probably won’t for a good month…*dazed expression* …or at least I won’t this week, anyway. Classes all day, working all night monday and tuesday, pickup rehearsal all wednesday night, performing thursday, friday, and saturday night, and still somehow getting homework done…ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Insanity. And everyone else seems to stay up a lot later than me, too, and they still survive…this I cannot fathom. butttttt after our last performance, spring break will be only like FIVE DAYS AWAY. Sleep catch-up time. And after we get back from break, the next weekend is Easter. And after that we just have like FOUR more weeks and then finals and then I’M OUTTA HERE! And then I’ll be a quarter of the way through college. Booyah. Ohyeah. I’m so excited. This semester seems to be going by so much faster than last semester. …actually, time seems to be going faster in general. Which is sad. =P

On another note, I talked to a lady about a summer job. The job itself sounds pretty awesome (working at a riding school just down the road from our house and helping out with their summer camps), but…I’d have to live there, and I’d only get one day off a week (thursday. WHY THURSDAY? Kind of random, no?). Which would be really sad because I wouldn’t get to be at home hardly any…But it pays well (I think, anyway. I have no concept of money. XD). and I need a job. And it would be fun. And it would be a good job to be able to come back to possibly for future summers. …Sigh. I wish she would hire me for a less important position. Like one where I don’t have to live there. -_- =P Oh well. We shall see what happens…agh.


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  1. Yay on the awesome performance! Yay on getting a call from Vershire. Even if you decide not to work there. :) You rock.


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      I wouldn’t call it awesome. The warm up last night was AWESOME. The performances were just kind of meh. I’m so not used to performing for no one special. =P It’s like weird. It doesn’t feel like a performance XD I wonder if this is how the professionals feel…=P Yet another reason that I don’t think I could do that. Hehe =P

      But yes. I do rock. I definitely agree with you there. *turns up Edge of Glory and does homework* =D hehehe =# I’m also humble. Have you noticed? =D



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