Because my life is so rivetingly fascinating that I’m sure you’re all dying to know. =P

More college thoughts: I’ve applied to Berea and Johnson State. Berea is in KY (aghhhhh O_o), but it has free tuition so it’s less than a fraction of the cost of here =P I don’t know how I feel about there, though. they only have a dance minor, and from what I can tell, it seems to be focused more on “creative movement” than like, actual dance technique. They only have two ballet classes…”Beginning Ballet” and “Intermediate Ballet” *makes face* =P They have a writing major, though. So Berea is inexpensive (relatively, anyway), and DOES have some dance…just not much that I would be interested in…but they are still just as far from home.

Johnson is in VT (heart). It’s actually the place where the Stowe Dance Academy performs every spring…Ilovethattheatersomuchhhh. <3 Hehe. And I can testify that the campus (or at least the parts of it that I have seen) is lovely, and the view is phenomenal. Good old Green Mountains. It is about the same, cost-wise, as Hope is…unless I can get some scholarships. And they also have a dance minor. I haven;t looked quite as much at the actual dance classes they have, though. And they have the whole English/writing thing too. So they are near home, have dance, and…might be less expensive.

We’re two for three. =P

Buttttttt despite all this…I have also been feeling more…okay with the idea of just staying at Hope. And don’t tell me you told me so, because I will literally hunt you down, find your house, break in, and smack you in the face. …Ok, maybe not quite that violent. But I’ll definitely glare. This is way too difficult a process to be made fun of. =P Anyhow. Johnson needs to have accepted me by March 1st in order for me to be considered for scholarships. In order to accept me, they needed a ton of paperwork saying I’m not a delinquent drop-out failure =P I have given the paperwork over to the various official people who have to sign it, and supposedly they were going to put it in the mail that day and get it shipped out overnight (or at least as fast as possible. IT COSTS $19.50 TO SHIP A PIECE OF PAPER OVERNIGHT. I found this out the hard way. I didn’t actually do it because I don’t actually HAVE $19.50. But they did say they would send it out that day and…express-ly. so…I’m hoping). So. I’ve done all I can for Johnson…I figure if the things don’t get there in time, or if I don’t get accepted in time, or if I don’t get much scholarship money…that’s a closed door. And that makes my life easier because it eliminates a possibility. =P

As for Berea, I haven’t decided yet if that…is a place I would want to go. I need to look more at what they offer and think more about those dance classes of theirs. I have pretty much almost decided that I will do a dance minor rather than a major, and major in English/writing (almost being the operative word…>_<), so the fact that there;s only a dance MINOR is not a problem…I just really wish they had more advanced Ballet, seeing as how that is like…the one style of dance I am really interested in. =P Gosh, I need to expand my interests. -_- Can’t do much or get far with just ballet and poetry. =P

So yea.

As for Hope…like I said, I think I am becoming more ok with the possibility of just staying here. I already know some people and have some friends in the dance department, and it would be kind of sad to not see them again (not that I wouldn’t completely forget about them, and them about me, within about two months. But w/e). I know for a fact that Hope’s dance department has classes and opportunities that are wonderful and strong. I know they have a cool English department and TONS of amazing writing classes. and they have one or two photography classes, German, and guitar/voice lessons that I potentially could take on the theoretical and highly improbable assumption that I would ever have free time (or rather, free credit hours). So…those are good things about Hope. And I think I kinda like it here, to an extent. Like…it’s not home. But it could be ok for temporary, you know?


Bad things about Hope are still the distance from home and the cost. Reflecting on the past semester-and-a-half, I think the distance from home is not as important to me as it was. Because in two months, I’ll be a quarter of the way through college…and it really hasn’t taken long to get that far. I could stand being so far away for another three school years. And I’d still get summers at home in between to space things out. I think I could do this. So the distance from home is livable. the cost is…not…as…livable…unfortunately…=P Ha. I need a reeeeally good summer job…and an on-campus job that I actually like so I can work as much as possible…and maybe eventually I’ll look into a part-time off-campus job…=P Yea. Regardless of where I go to college. =P

I wonder if there’s a way to get Hope to give me more scholarships? What if I threatened to leave and tell everyone else they are horrid? Hmm…blackmail…=P

So yea. All this to say, I still don’t know what I am doing next year. I’ve taken steps in several directions…and taken those steps just about as far as I can (except I still have some things to do for Berea). So from here on out, it’s in God’s hands. If it don’t work out, it’s a closed door and one less option. And you know what? *grins* that means I don’t have to worry about this anymore. Ha. …*cough* *mutters under breath* but we all know I’ll still secretly worry about it anyway…just maybe not quite so often…=P

Agh. College is annoying sometimes. Read: often. Read: like all the time. *cough* ;)

..shoot, there was something else I was going to say. I forgot it. Drat. It was important, too. …-_- Oh well. If it comes back to me, I’ll edit the post. =P



…And Daddy, the infamous boomerang child may strike no matter WHERE I go to school…because why would I ever want to live somewhere besides home if I could help it? =P I hope you guys like me. I might come back. At least for a bit. Or as long as you’ll let me. I miss my sheep. -_- And…lots of other things too…like my fam (<3) and my room and my cats and my mountains and my sunsets and my woods and…my whole world…among other things…Vermont, you have SO not gotten rid of me. I’ll be back.




(on another note, Dance 39 is this weekend/next weekend. This week is Tech Week. a.k.a. Hell Week. Tech rehearsals every. single. night. ahhh! so exciting. I’m bringing my camera tomorrow and taking sweet shots around the theater. maybe. and it’s so much fun to rehearse and perform with people you like. and even more fun when they like you back. It’s sad, because this will literally be my first time performing, EVER, when…there’s none of my family watching. It’s not a performance if you’re not performing for anyone, you know? it’s going to be rough. but it will still be fun, I think. Sad. because my family isn’t here and because it’s not SDA and because it’s not the Dibden Center at Johnson and it’s not my theater. but it’s ok. Because I can sit in the front row and close my eyes and pretend, and all the sudden my theater comes rushing back, and Helena, and Hillary, and June, and Chloe and Rachel and Cara, and all those adorable little kids, and there’s Mommy sitting in the back row knitting with Lorenda, and sometimes there’s Emily too. And there’s my lovely old dance basket with a cold sandwich Mommy got for me, and it’s nine o’clock at night and we’re just getting started, and there’s the big stage and the dressing rooms and the cement walls and the company class and Helena’s got a headset and high heels and everybody’s a family…And I can just close my eyes and pretend. and it’s all the same, really, when your eyes are closed.)


6 Comments Add yours

  1. vtgrandview says:

    “It’s not a performance if you’re not performing for anyone, you know?”

    Ahh….but you forgot one person Anna that is always sitting in the back row, watching you, cheering you on, regardless of where you dance and who else is in the audience. So dance for Him Anna -giving thanks for all of the years He has given you and all the years yet to come to praise Him through your love of dance.

    Me? I will miss seeing you, but will look forward to seeing pictures and hearing all about it.


  2. Lulu says:


    Dude really? Your family isn’t going to be home forever you know, hopefully I will be in college in two and a half years. Who knows how much longer we will keep the sheep and even stay in the same house. You gotta go out and make a stand for yourself thats part of growing up, not staying home like a little kid relying on everyone else to support you the rest of your life.


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      My family being not all at home doesn’t make it any less home, for one thing. For another thing, who said anything about relying on everyone else to support me? Daddy still lives at our house, but he doesn’t rely on everyone else to support him. He has a full-time job. Who says I can’t also live at our house and have a full time job? And besides, I never said I was going to move in permanently, bro. this is all theoretically speaking.
      And what is the point of having a home if you aren’t allowed to come back to it?


  3. Lulu says:

    -.- your allowed to come back to it but not live your entire life there until your old and fat and bugging poor mommy and daddy. But i guess if you get a job and actually go buy food and stuff then whatever, but good luck finding a job around here seeing how it seems like everyone in my family is really picky about finding a job.


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      …like I have said twice now…who said anything about me living at home permanently? I’m not going to graduate from college and move straight to some city somewhere. But I also am not neccessarilly going to graduate, come home, and stay there forever. =P Life happens. XD
      And good grief, Luke. Give your poor family a break. ;)


    2. Dude Luke I just got the best job ever. I was not picky–I was selective, and it paid off. You want to do what you enjoy, and if you aren’t doing that then it is often not worth it. I think you can appreciate that.
      And I think as soon as you move away from home you will realize how much you can miss a place. : )



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