College Fashion 101 {part two}

Featuring bigger scarves. Or shawls. I don’t know which they technically are. Whatever. Ashley, you should recognize this…;)

So normally I just wear my big scarves around my shoulders. Cozy. But they always fall off, or the ends get uneven, or they get in the way because I have to hold them on. Basically, I’m constantly adjusting them, which is annoying. But no longer! Dun dun dun…*ahem* 0=)

Thing 2: Belted shawls.

I have a wide elastic-y belt (as you can see) which may or may not actually go with the rest of the look *ahem* but I like to embrace my non-fashion-sense. =) You can use a normal belt, or a smaller silk scarf, or whatever you have handy. It matching the big scarf would be ideal…but not necessarily required *grins* ;)

Wear it with the ends crossed in front…


Or go for an off-the-shoulder look. I like this one.

Yayz. You can poof the part above the belt as much as you like. And again…it’s hard to take pictures of yourself. </sigh> oh the things I suffer when my dear roomie is AFK. …or…AFDR? away from dorm room? W/e.

…and I promise that eventually I’ll do something with a color other than purple. Eventually. Perhaps. *grins*

*glances at very short to-do list for tonight* …*glances at hair*…=D


12 Comments Add yours

  1. Bessie Lark says:

    You’re so pretty with your hair long…*hugs you* Lovely pics. It’s so nice getting to see your face!


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      Lol. My long hair…XD hehe =P I am finally starting to feel like it actually is pretty long-ish now…kind of…BUT IT’S STILL NOT LONG ENOUGH! =D I want it like six or eight inches longer. So it’s almost long enough to sit on, but not quite. <3 =D =D =D
      …I told you I'm hair-obsessed, didn't I? =P XD


      1. Bessie Lark says:

        *grins* Yup, you did….
        My sister had hair long enough to sit on once. She’s growing it out again…maybe when we meet you can play with her hair. You’d enjoy it more than mine. :) …Ulp. I shouldn’t have said that when she’s reading over my shoulder…she’s giving me the evil eye. Send the Doctor, would you? Quickly? =D


      2. AnnaEstelle says:

        O__O Your sister is cool. Tell her to stop glaring at you and let me play with her hair pretty please with a cherry on top O_O <3 <3 <3 How long is her hair now?


  2. Lulu says:

    ohmygoodness anna your hair looks so nice and long@@@@@ *HUGS YOU* *STEALS YOUR HALO* HAR HAR

    Its so nice to see your face!! ohmygoodness i’ve not seen your face in a while


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      IKR??!!?? its like radddd mannnnnnnnnn! Hey wut you doing with MAH HALO? IT’S THE HOT PINK ZEBRA STRIPED DUCT TAPE FOR YOU, MATE! Like woaaaaaa…you better get yerself outta the way becuz I’m like totally going to TAPE YOU TO THE WALL AND THEN THROW PIES AT YOUR FACE WHICH I ALSO HAVE NOT SEEN IN A LONG TIME!
      …I’m thinking cherry…

      *grins at world* Oh yes. I act stupid in public. …especially when there’s money involved…
      which there isn’t this time, sadly…*sigh*


    2. Bessie Lark says:

      ……*hopes Tugo is not intentionally mocking her*…….. =D


      1. AnnaEstelle says:

        *grins widely* Oh no. He’s unintentionally mocking you. Nothing intentional about it, I assure you.
        *giggles* =# =# =# *instigates group hug* =D


  3. ashleytm says:

    oooo… neat =P I”ll have to go dig up my scarves =PP


  4. Dragonslayer says:

    . . . I don’t have any scarves.


    1. Bessie Lark says:

      No, really? I’d never have guessed…. =P


      1. Dragonslayer says:

        I’m actually looking for a scarf to buy, though. Not one of those ^^^ though. Probably something plaid. Or silver, like Gandalf’s.



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