At last, a poem worth posting again. LotR music + writing = Anna Therapy


Within my heart a burning pull
A yearning I can’t lift
For something that cannot exist
A vague and constant rift
But why should I give in to strife
When there is so much, here, to life?

A path before my faltering feet
Leads where, I cannot say
Will’t take me where I want to be
At close of this long day?
But why fear what end will come
When I know I still have the sun?

Blood that leaps into a boil
At a question’s sound
Why cannot voice become the man?
For so the lost are found
But why should distance feel so far
When I can wish upon a star?

Thoughts that tumble in my head
Conflicting and dim
Churning in my heavy heart
Foreboding future grim
But can’t I shake off this false gloom
With my pen, and ink stain’s bloom?



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