Sad Day

I was at work, dialing numbers like a mindless robot, and all the sudden my boss calls my name. She says, “Anna, you’re smart. How do you spell ‘secret’?”

Have I mentioned that this was my boss? Who’s like thirty-something? I laughed. Apparently somehow I got a reputation for being the smartest one at work, even though I never say anything…weird. I must just like exude intelligence. Oo, I like that…

and we’re doing “secret valentines” (thus the reason my boss was writing that word in the first place) with the other callers…so we all chose random names and we can’t tell anyone and I got some dude I don’t know…and this is just awkward, I’m sorry. I hope someone gives me chocolate…because they would be my new best friend =D I think I’m developing a dependency.

And then I found out that last week I was a top caller (first time ever XP) so I could leave work half an hour early. I would have done it tonight, but it was already 10:10 when I found out, and then it was only like fifteen minutes until we were done anyway…and I only work two hours for my second shift this week and so I probably won’t use my half-hour off. But at least I made it to being a top caller once…never thought that would happen. Seeing as I have literally made barely over $5,000 for the Hope Fund since I started work, and everyone else has made like, $40,000…*cough*

Don’t ask me how this works.



And someone should come see Dance 39. Someone really should. Just like, send me an email…and let me know the day you wanna see it…and I’ll get tickets for you…I get two free ones, but if you needed more I could get those too and you could pay me back later…someone really should come see it. Just so I can see you. I can’t vouch for the actual dancing being anything spectacular, but my piece at least has cool costumes…they glitter…that should be fun to watch…

just an idea. =)


3 Comments Add yours

  1. I want to come! I just need to come up with a way to afford the trip =/


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      Yes…*cough* The fact that anyone who would want to come either lives 18+ hours away from where I am or is also in college and thus can’t leave is troublesome…XD hahaha =P Ah, life. ;)


  2. Dragonslayer says:

    I don’t live 18 hours away, am not in college, but I’m not really into dancing. *cough* Like, at all. =P You should just get a liquid chocolate IV.



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