Dance 39 (!!) and Reflections

This weekend has been weird. Friday night I went swing dancing with a bunch of girls I dance with (first time ever. So much fun, even if I mostly just stood around and watched other people dance because I didn’t have a partner, nor do I know any guys who could potentially be partners anyway). Then I came back to the dorm and hung out with the girls I went with, and intentionally stayed up until 12:30am not doing homework. Then while we were playing a game that I no longer remember the name of, a group of rather (ok, maybe “very”) intoxicated young gentlemen barged into the cluster and joined in the game without bothering to ask if they could. Then they got kicked out, and I bailed out and headed to bed before the other girls went on a doughnut run to the shifty doughnut shop right by campus, which is open like pretty much all night and gets its best business after midnight and is run by a boxers-wearing old man who supposedly is less scary at night than he is during the day (not that I’d know, never having been there).

So that was my friday night. Thrilling. then on Saturday I went to the big library that is part of the seminary here, and read commentaries on Genesis 34 for two hours. Which totally rocked, except for the part where we weren’t allowed to have food or drinks on that floor of the library so I had to hide my lovely tea in my bag. It just about killed me.

Then tonight the church service on campus was moved back to 5:00pm so everyone could watch the superbowl, and some of the girls in my cluster ordered pizza and I chipped in so now I have two pieces of pizza in Sarah’s fridge. And is it just me, or do the half-time shows get worse every year? I’m sorry, but that didn’t even count as singing. More like, nauseating. I feel so sorry for that woman’s child. *facepalm*



Ok.  Anyway. That was my weekend. Moving on. Dance 39. I’ve only posted about this like six times already XD Faculty-choreographed Dance Concert. I’m dancing in one of the pieces. The two-hour on-pointe rehearsals every Sunday are killing me. So glad it’s nearly over, despite how much fun it is. Tech week (dubbed “hell week” by the dancers) is coming up so quickly. Agh.

the dates for the performances are as follows *gets out planner and looks them up to be sure*: March 1 and 2 (fri-sat), and March 7, 8, and 9 (thurs-fri-sat). The performances are all at 8:00pm, I’m pretty sure.

…*grins at the irony of the fact that people from Turkey and Vietnam read my blog, and I’m still sending out invites for them to come to the performance* XD

But really. Tickets are officially on sale now. I can get TWO free tickets for any of the shows. If anyone wants to come and see it, let me know and I’ll call the box office and claim my tickets. If not, I won’t call the box office and claim my tickets. *grins*

Personally, I don’t know why anyone further than an hour or two away from here would want to come all the way to watch the dance concert. XD But on the rare occasion that someone other than me is insane, I’m putting a plug out anyway. Besides, anyone who reads my blog I would absolutely love to have visit me…*hinthint* Especially if they brought me chocolate *hinthinthinttt* So. *cough* ;)

Here’s to hell week, multiple consecutive hours on pointe, blisters and bruises, and at last a step onto the stage again <3 I’m excited.

Except for the part where I have to buy two new pairs of tights, a new nude leo, some new makeup, and big diamond stud earrings (because we gotta have some bling, right? To go with the already-diamond-encrusted tutus? No?). AND we’re required to wear fake eyelashes. I’m considering refusal. Never have worn them, never will wear them if there is anything at all remotely within my power that I can do…

I mean, really. WHY THE FAKE EYELASHES???

*smoldering glare in direction of stage director* -_- hmph.


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  1. A few things about swing dancing. Not that I am an expert. : )
    1) Hardly anyone (except for those few semi-pro couples) can actually do it, so you should just jump in anyway. With all of your mad dance skillz I’m sure you will look better than most everyone, even if you don’t know what you are doing.
    2) At least at Hillsdale, it is perfectly acceptable, and even expected, that girls ask guys to dance. Even ones that they don’t know. So pick the nicest, cutest, most talented-looking one out there and go for it. : )
    3) If you want guys to ask you to dance (even at Hillsdale this is apparently REALLY SCARY for the guys) stand right next to the dance floor, make eye contact (very important) and smile in a slightly pitiful way. Works every time.



    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      Rofl! Smile in a really pitiful way XD I see. Got it. Thank you. Hahaha =P wow. =D


      1. AnnaEstelle says:



      2. I would loveeeee to. Know anyone going from Hillsdale to Hope that weekend?


      3. AnnaEstelle says:

        You would be the one to know that…=P I don’t have any idea. You should like, put giant posters in strategic locations asking for a ride…=D hehe =P


  2. I thought Dance 39 was going to be in April. No way can we get there in March. FL too far away. Next week I want to see a video of you swing dancing.


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      No, Dance 39 is March. There is another dance concert in April though, which I am also dancing in (the student-choreographed concert). So I’ll be performing in that as well. But we haven’t even started learning the dances for it yet. =P


  3. vtgrandview says:

    This will just about kill me….the first time I will miss you dancing…ever….in your entire life of dancing……………..I hope someone close by will come watch you!!!


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      And it will be my first time performing without my family there watching…=/ Sad day. I hope someone I know can come see it too…



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