More calling fun…

Hey, I have to have SOMEthing to amuse me while I sit in a tiny, broiling hot room with thirteen other people unfortunate enough to share my job, and call strangers for four hours in a row, late at night, to beg for money…

So tonight I called a Mr. Lockwood (Wuthering Heights, anyone?), and a Mr. Potter (*koff* no comment)…neither of whom picked up, but I DID call them. And that was fun. My boss thought I was weird. She looked over my shoulder because I was giggling quietly to myself as I called the Lockwood fellow, and she gave me this odd look…

And then last night I called (wait for it…) a Mr. Collins. And I was like YESSSSSSSSSSSS. He didn’t pick up either, though *sigh* …probably a good thing, because I would have been SO tempted to imitate Lizzy…and *cough* that would have been bad. Although it might have gotten me fired…

Yay. Anna’s amusement for the week: calling people who share names with literary characters. …sad. XP


Anyhow. I’m through with the first week-and-one-day of Hope College Semester Two. I can’t believe I’ve only been here…for a week and a day. Feels like a year. AndIstillhavefourwholemonthsyettogosomeonehelpme. =P

An update on my classes:
Religion = shootmenow, but…interesting. In a really annoying way. Me no likey at all. -___-
Literature = hearttt. My prof is from South Africa, and he’s…pretty epic.
Sociology = …idk yet. I hope it’s at least somewhat fun. everything we’ve read so far is pretty much a repeat of Psych. -_-
Ballet = alright. I’m glad to be in ballet again. But. It’s at 8:30 in the morning, and ever since I left SDA and started dancing here, I feel like I’ve lost so much in ballet. Which is partly because we don’t do all the fun hard stuff (fouettes. WHY DO WE NOT DO FOUETTES?? [i dun look like Gillian Murphy, though. =P]) , and partly because the class is so early in the morning so I’m not awake enough to really do my best, and partly because my teacher doesn’t push us to work as hard as Helena did. I’m learning stuff…but it’s like, posture things. So I LOOK better when I dance (or that’s the idea, anyway) but…the actual technical side of the dancing itself is going down </sigh> Depressing.
Pointe = …My pointe shoes. Are essentially blocks of granite. I love them…but I really, really, really hate them…My teacher says they look better than my last ones did, though. And I think I will like them better too…once they break in a bit.
Improv = …fun…? The professor is frightening, mainly because he has a reputation of being so and he doesn’t deny it. He’s nice…but…he’s intimidating. I may die.
Modern = My sanity. I love physical pain. And the teacher is so fun. <3 It feels really, really good to be doing Modern again.

Yay. And that is a pretty accurate description of my life as it is at the moment, and shall be for the next four months. Wahoo. The monotony of it all may kill me. Although Modern will help some. But. Yea. We’ll see if I actually learn anything this semester…XD



On an unrelated note – is it sad that I got the best one hour of sleep in my life this morning, curled up on the floor in the hallway outside the dance studio in the Dow Center, wearing sweaty dance stuff surmounted with sweatpants and my sister’s shirt, using my coat as a pillow, my dance bag to block the light/noise from other people milling around, and the incredibly hard and gross carpet as a bed? I love these one-hour breaks between dance classes. I haven’t slept so well since I visited Rebekah for Thanksgiving and pretty much literally collapsed from exhaustion and slept for thirteen hours straight that first night…itwasarealbedgassssp.

And on another unrelated note – the Piano Guys’ LotR music is…beyond words. My room mate thought I was crazy because I was sitting at my desk across from her wearing headphones and bouncing up and down with my eyes closed and grinning from ear to ear (I may or may not have also been crying…) Poor Sarah. The things she puts up with. *turns up music really loud, turns off lights, closes eyes and sees Edoras* goodnight folks.


12 Comments Add yours

  1. Bessie Lark says:

    South African accents are awesome. :)


  2. My dear sister, you are officially the only person I know who describes college life as monotonous.


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      Hahaha =P Well. Sorry, but it is XD
      Monday: drag self out of bed at 7:00, ballet til 10:00, sleep in the Dow for an hour, Pointe and Improv until 1:00, lunch with dance girls, run errands (bookstore/mail center/etc), finish Soc homework, go to Soc class, dinner, work til 10:30, check emails, hit the sack.
      Tuesday: sleep til 8:30 (hallelujah!), do religion and lit homework, lunch, religion/lit/modern class until 4:30, change out of dance stuff, dinner, work on Soc homework, maybe play guitar or read, bed.
      Wednesday: repeat of Monday.
      Thursday: repeat of Tuesday, possibly taking the bus to Meijer to buy more cereal at 7:00pm.
      Friday: drag self out of bed at 7:00, ballet until 10:00, sudden feeling of freedom until I remember my soc class later, back to dorm and shower/change/decompress after dance for a bit, lunch, Soc homework, write Religion journal, work on Soc vocab, go to Soc class, dinner, crash in room, more Religion homework, read/write/play guitar until bedtime, sleep.
      Saturday: Sacred Dance from 10-12, lunch with Sacred people, come back to dorm room and watch Doctor Who because there’s no more homework to do because people don’t give me enough -__-
      Sunday: church, lunch, chill/watch Doctor Who, go to Dance 39 rehearsal and dieeeeee because it’s two hours straight on pointe, come back and relax/fall on bed and pass out, dinner, watch Doctor Who, go to Gathering (church service on campus), come back and pass out.
      Next week: Repeat.
      Next week: repeat again.
      Next week: repeat a third time.

      the only thing that varries is how many episodes of Doctor Who I watch. Sometimes I watch some on Friday too. Depends on how many vocab words the last section of Soc had…


  3. Lulu says:

    Eh… wake me up when you call Mr. Clause.


  4. Bessie Lark says:

    Terra Chao novel links, as promised:


    1. Bessie Lark says:

      And I got your letter!!!!!!!! <3333 A response will hit the mail tomorrow. *squeezes you*


  5. taethiel says:

    We have a Mr. Collins at our church… I have trouble saying his name without using a goofy British accent. *headdesk* xD

    *hug* =)


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      …………………….I wouldn’t make it. O_o
      that’s epic…*cough* XD


  6. Dragonslayer says:

    Anna . . . I worry for your sanity. =P


      1. Dragonslayer says:

        Find someone named Mr. Poe, call him, and then croak out “nevermore.”



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