Two Things:

One: this picture makes me sad.

Yes, that’s Anna-minus-glasses on the left. And my pointe teacher <3 …she’s really not taller than me. She’s actually a good head shorter. We were on a set of stairs, and she was on a step higher than me…*coughhh* XD And she rocks. =)))


Anddddd Two: I finally actually really DID officially make a blog for my photography. Hopefully it will help me keep photographing over the summer and through college. =) The address, in case anyone is interested, is *nods* =) It makes me happy. XD

(Yes. I found out after I made the blog address that there is a real, professional photography company called Lightchaser Photography. XD Heh. Kind of epic. Maybe people will think I’m with them and hire me O_O)



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