…you convinced me. The sight of Rebekah getting down on her knees and begging was too much. So I gave in. =)

Here are my drawings of Netya and Aranel. I “colored” the one of Netya (Ashley says she looks like a McDonalds french fry =D), but I’m too lazy to do Aranel so I am not going to. =D hehe. …The last picture is also Aranel, as drawn by Katie. Did I mention yet how much I want her mad drawing skillz? =D It’s not perfect (I think her hair needs to be a bit more…wild =P), but then again, Katie didn’t read my novel, and she was just drawing off a memory of the quick glance she had at my Aranel drawing combined with some random details from Anna. Hehe. And I like it a lot. I want her belt. Like. A LOT. *nods* And her arm thingies. XD Oh happy day…

^^ My drawing of Netya. Rebekah, please don’t kill me for saying this…but I really, really think she looks like Ophelia in a nightgown. XD Hahahahaha…*convulses in a giggling heap on floor* …=D It’s a great look for you, Taeth. Really. *cough* XD

^^Netya as a french fry. =D …Which may or may not be better than Netya as Ophelia in a nightgown…you decide. *grins* XD …eew I really hate this picture. -_- =P The coloring…didn’t work. XD

^^My Aranel. Who I actually really, really like. =D Her hair makes me happy. …and the original drawing looks a whole lot better. =P She looks less…um. Angry. In the original. -_- XD And yes, I actually DID consider amputating her hand and making her skirt so long you can’t see her feet. *cough* …there’s a reason I drew her with shoes on, instead of barefoot like she’s supposed to be. =P There’s also a reason for the cloak…*ahem* XD …I want her dress. =D

…And this ^^ is Katie’s Aranel. I need say no more. …-_-

Hehe. Like I said. Katie has mad skillz. =D …But I do still like my Aranel. She’s interestingly…uh. Odd. And my Netya amuses me. Like a lot. XD hahaha. =P I think she’s the best of all the ones I’ve drawn…if only because she makes me laugh the hardest…*grins at Taeth* Whaaaaat?? …O_o Um. That dagger was intended for Pethnor…not me…O___O Help. *runs*


9 Comments Add yours

  1. taethiel says:

    That dagger may have been intended for Pethnor, but I can change its purpose…-____-

    hehehe *headdesk* =P I like her. ; ) …even if she DOES look like Ophelia in a nightgown -_- =P

    …and that Aranel drawn by Katie is amazing. O_O Man. I want to take drawing lessons from her. This is making me want to start sketching again… I used to, but it’s been awhile… hmph. Fun. =))


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      …Like I said…*runs*

      *giggles* Doesn’t she, though? It’s so perfect. XD Just like you. Vacant expression…messy hair all over the place…a generally senile air about her…

      I know. =P It makes ME want to burn my sketchbook. …XD Hehe. Her Thalon is epiccc too…but I think I like Aranel better. =P


  2. Bessie Lark says:

    Your Aranel’s expression fits better with my imagination of her from your story. But Katie’s is pretty good. She’s an amazing artist. And Netya does NOT look like a French fry. I’ve never seen Ophelia though, in a nightgown or otherwise, so I can’t deny that allegation. :)


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      Yea, it does. =P Although I PROMISE she doesn’t look so just plain angry in my sketchbook XD haha. …It’s weird. Her expression looks quite different in the photograph. O_o =P
      …O_O…*coughs*…*claps hands over mouth and flees room before she starts ranting about your deprivation at never having seen a Hamlet production/video* *thinks of Kenneth Branagh’s Hamlet* …*dies* =D


  3. ashleytm says:

    lol Aranel’s expression in your drawing doesn’t look angry.. it’s more like “Arhael, why did you bring two sniveling Princesses to my house?”


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      hehe. Exactly. XD
      I like Arhael. =D I wish I was brave enough to draw him. XD


      1. ashleytm says:

        O_O I want to see him o.o


      2. Bessie Lark says:

        Me toooo. :) And Pethnor’s wife (sorry I can’t remember her name–the one you based on Emily).


        1. AnnaEstelle says:

          Hehe. Lastare? Yea…I wanna draw her. I need to go back and read her description XD



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