Senior Piece Part Two

We had the first rehearsal for the Senior Piece yesterday (thus pushing a five-hour rehearsal to a seven-hour rehearsal. In an 85-degree studio. With black floors. And a record of three windows. But that’s a different story…). This is the song we’re dancing to:

After listening to it a few times and learning a bunch of choreography, I decided I really like it. The last bit of the song will be faded out so it won’t be quite as long and it will have a less drawn-out ending.


I can see it now: The seniors melting in a puddle of tears as the curtain falls after the last performance. …*sniff*


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  1. Netya Taethiel says:

    …what sort of dance are you doing to this? Ballet, or something else?


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      …ok, that gets an interesting response. =P The main parts of the dance are like Lyrical. *nods* But then three of the seniors are going to do a section that will be…I think maybe Jazz…*can’t remember*. And then two of the other seniors will do a section that is Hip Hop, I think. And then I will do a section that’s Modern. To the best of my understanding. =P So, it is mainly Lyrical (which is basically a dance form that is in between ballet and jazz), with sections of other stuff mixed in. It should be cool. *nods* What we’ve learned so far is not hard (thankfully *ahem* =P). And I actually had a lot of fun. =D hehe =P I wish I was better at Lyrical though…I don’t really like it, since it seems to have absolutely no technique involved =P but still. It’s a much…free-er form of dance than classical ballet. You can do more stuff because you aren’t bounded by the rules of technique =P Haha.

      And for those of you cringing at the words “jazz,” “lyrical,” “modern,” and “hip hop”: Really. It’s like opera. It’s got a bad rep, but if you do it right, it’s actually really good. Classical ballet is not the only decent form of dance out there. *grins*



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