My Jesus, My Lover, My King

I’m curled up in Your arms tonight
Waiting for the day to end
Waiting for the sun to fall
Waiting for dark to descend

In the quiet, I can think
In Your grasp, I can stay
Resting in Your loving hold
Hid from the bright light of day

I understand not what You do
My faithful, loving adviser
I’m growing up and growing older
But I’ve not grown any wiser

Why is it that You make the sun
Fall in black despair each night?
Why does light give way to dark?
Why are such things ever right?

Where’s the answer in the sea
To the questions of the waves?
Why do sailors leap to drown
To find beneath their watery graves?

There can be no earthly answers
For many questions, many fears
There’s only You, and how You love
My faithful Lord who always hears

How does this earth turn so smooth
That we don’t feel the icy breath
Of a million stars that blaze
Burning, freezing, in their death?

When will Faery come again?
And who is my Grandfather Time?
Why do young men stumble and fall
For the old one’s wicked crime?

I don’t understand this world
That You put together for me
I don’t want to keep growing up
But You’ve asked me to live and be

I know that I have no choice
But to let the years roll past
Yet, I want to live with joy
And to Your hand to hold on fast

So I’ll stay here, in Your arms
Sleep with You, my King, tonight
Let Your love fill me with strength
And in the dawn, with You I’ll fight

[Dedicated to Someone who loves me very much, and has promised never to let go. My Jesus <3 Gerich veleth nín, Ada. Gerich veleth nín.]

On another note…Happy Birthday, me. Look who feels ancient. O_o


4 Comments Add yours

  1. eruthaedur says:

    O_O you’re old.
    join the club. =P


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      Thankssssssssssss. -_- I think I will.


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      Haha. Move your walker over, Mr. Ancient. I’m sittin’ by you. -_- =P



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