Hold On.

Hold on to what is beautiful.

It doesn’t matter how much this life hurts, as long as you keep your grip on the smallest things. The smallest things of magnificence. Let everything else slip through your fingers.

Because if you pause long enough and stare hard enough, you’ll find it.

That thing of beauty. Even in the normal, the mundane. Yes, even in the ugly. In the mess humanity has made of the world. It’s still there.

That spark of beauty lives because everything your eyes meet was created by God. And everything, every normal, mundane, ugly thing, bears His fingerprints.

His beauty.

In the lifting and blowing of one tangled mane. One cry of freedom, and the whole world is yours.

In the first opening of petals in the sunshine. The smiling of earth to heaven.

In the voice of young things, springing into this life. Calling out the joy of simply being.

His fingerprints. The touch of God.

And it’s on your heart, too.



[photo credits for ‘Icelandics’ goes to Silver Maple Icelandic Horse Farm]


One Comment Add yours

  1. Tiberius Shift says:

    Stop deluding yourself…a picture really isn’t worth a thousand words. We need another chapter!



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