Me Spewing Randomness. Oh Yeah.

I like spewing randomness…it makes me feel so…so…*evil grin* so annoying because you all see the new post, leap up screaming in excitement because Anna posted another chapter, then throw something breakable at the wall when you realize it is NOT, in fact, another chapter…hehehe =P …My novel seriously annoys me, though. -_- =P BUT I’M NOT GOING TO THINK ABOUT THAT RIGHT NOW! =) …because *I* might throw something breakable at the wall…heh.

Anyhow. This is a random…thing…I wrote for a little mini-writing-challenge thing. The “prompt” was to write a “Dear Diary” type story including ten words. …I no longer remember what those words were…Flower, trickle, alabaster, iridescent, grey, waiting, light, grain, ponder…and I don’t remember what the last one was XD hehe. Anyhow.

O_o I just read over this again. It’s not very good…the product of a rushed five minutes XD hehe. But. I like it. =D And it was amusing to write. AND I INCLUDED ELVISH!!!
…speaking of Elvish and writing in caps lock…all in favor of Anna eating ice cream right now, say aye! …*looks around* *listens*…no one? Awww…*sips caffeinated black tea with lots of maple syrup* Well. Maybe I’ll have some ANYway…

*evil grin in Ashley’s direction* =P

Dear Diary,

I’m waiting again. Out here, all by myself, with just the gray and the mist. I like this weather. I find myself looking forward to these moments of waiting more and more each day. Especially when it rains. The drops are hitting the golden red leaves; making them fall heavy on my shoulders and all about me on the ground. Autumn is beautiful in the dripping, falling water. Like a river of light, fluid and translucent. I can hear it trickle, like a fairy’s quiet mirth, through the rough grass and into the brook.

I don’t like to pick the wild roses that grow here beneath my tree, but I could not help myself. Just this once. The petals so shiny velvet and damp. Iridescent, almost. The most beautiful flower. I will kiss it’s lovely face. If only I could hear it laughing!

It is so hard to keep my mind on the moment, on the waiting, when the rain is coming down like this. It is all I can do to keep your pages dry! A smudge of ink – a fingerprint of heaven. There is not a grain of my thought or a speck of my heart that wishes to be elsewhere than here, elsewhere than now! Just being. I can think, in this stillness. Ponder over the waiting and the mist.

And dream! I can dream, out here. There is room to breathe, room for my imagination to open its eyes and spread its lovely wings. I could wish the rain away, if I wanted. But I don’t. I want to feel it, feel every singing drop of it as it hits my face. A waterfall of diamonds and pearl, alabaster brilliance, could not be more beautiful. The sky does not cry in anguish in this rain, oh, no. It weeps for joy at the beauty around me.

Waiting again…Yet soon, it is time! Soon, my silver rain-curtain will shiver and dissolve, and roll back into the sky, and I shall see…And yet, I almost wish this in between, this lingering, could go on forever.

The rainfall is slowing. The last drops are trembling through the leaves above. Falling with a splash of gold. It is time. Namárië…


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Tiberius Shift says:

    It’s been so long since you’ve written anything let alone written another chapter. You need some serious motivation to write. I have a feeling that cookies aren’t going to work this time…*goes off to find some leverage*


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      Hey now. I wrote like. A page. In my novel. Two days ago. Ha. -_- =P
      I know. I’m just so fed up with the stupid thing. -_-


      1. Netya Taethiel says:

        *grins* If you’re fed up, you could call me and I could give you some suggestions. *cough* Let me know in advance, though, so I can eat a brownie, and you eat ice cream before you pick up the phone. =D …XD =P


        1. AnnaEstelle says:

          Haha, no…see the problem is…I know exactly what I want to happen. I have the whole ending planned out perfectly in my head. I just can’t WRITE it =P I can’t write it so it sounds the way it is in my head. And it takes me so longgg to write. -_- and yea…I guess I’m not so much fed up with the book as I am with my own writing abilities. -__-


  2. Bessie Lark says:

    Hey, this sounds familiar…it sounds like the basis of your worldpen Creative Contest story! :)


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      Lol. It actually was ;)Hehe =P



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