Dear God, my heart is breaking in two
You know why I come to You now.
I have no more words to beg for Your grace
My soul screams more than breath can allow.

Why are You doing this? What is the point?
Why do You not reach out?
It can’t be Your will to watch Your children fall
And yet they are too weak to shout.

I know You answer my prayers, oh God
I’ve seen You in my life.
Why don’t You step into the lives of the rest?
Those with desperation rife?

Your children are broken, dead without You
So lost, and so far from Your hope.
I beg You to show me what I can do
To bring them the courage to cope.

I’ll stand for Your truth and I’ll fight with Your love
I’ll carry Your lamp in the night
Please give me the strength to hold out Your peace
To fill pits of Hell with Your light

My heart breaks in two as I call on Your name
Oh God, hear these words that I cry
I know I can’t heal every hurt in the world
But that doesn’t mean I won’t try.



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