It’s official. The cast list is out. Cue the gasps of joy and excitement upon seeing the email in my inbox, the delicious hesitation before opening it (savoring the moment…savoring the moment), the happy sighs and visions of excellence upon seeing the names by the lead roles, and the…jolt of shock upon seeing my name in the soloists’ section again?

Yes. The soloists’ section. The next step down from the lead. What has gotten into the director of my dance studio??

I like this.

According to the cast list, I (along with the rest of my class) will be performing as a Friend of Swanhilda (the lead role), possibly a Mechanical Doll (the cast list is rather…unclear…=P), and a Harvest Dancer. On top of these corps roles, I have also been cast as Dawn (no idea. Don’t ask. It’s sad how much I don’t know the story of Coppelia XD), along with another girl in my class. Still counts as a solo role, even though there’s two of us. Because it’s not a corps role…so therefore. Hehe. AND I’m betting it’s on Pointe.

I’m not sure if I shall be able to be all the corps roles, because I don’t know the extent of the Dawn role…but I think I shall probably be able to be in them all, judging by the way the cast list is laid out. Cue partying. =D

Now. For those of you of the ignorant, non-ballet-watching type…*coughErucough* ;) This is the variation from Act Three of Coppelia. It’s Swanhilda trying to get the attention of the boy she likes, but who has eyes only for a mysterious beauty who sits ever in the upper window of the toy maker’s shop…

(Lucia Lacarra is a better Swanhilda, if you are actually motivated enough to look her up on youtube. Hehe =P I posted this video because…I CAN DO THAT! …to an extent. I learned the variation. And BOY is it harder than Natalia makes it look. -_-)



…and, on a much more depressing note…this is the last time I’ll see the cast list from Stowe, and scour the roles for names of people I know. It’s…really sad. Time needs to slow down now…


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Emily says:

    Congrats Anna!!


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      …I’m scared. O_O
      I really really really hope I can actually…DANCE…then…heh. -_- *sigh* -_______-


  2. Netya Taethiel says:

    *hugs you* =))



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