Alright Em. Here’s pictures. Needless to say, they are not all recent. We no longer have very green grass (it’s kinda like…brown.) and there are no leaves on the trees. And the flowers died a long time ago. But do I look like I care? Nope. =D Hehe =) Here. And if “Da Bro” decides he doesn’t want to be on my blog, I’ll remove the picture…but I personally think he rocks. ;)

And there’s a freaky picture of me too. Without my glasses. And I like it. =D


15 Comments Add yours

  1. Justin Bieber's (one of many) Bodyguard says:

    Yeesh, who is that hot kid in the shades?


  2. AnnaEstelle says:

    Not Justin Bieber…


  3. Goodness! what were you doing in that pic Eirwyn? ROFL! Its awesome =DDD


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      Hehe. *ahem* Oh, nothing. I’m entirely innocent. Really. I dress like that every day.
      …I wish. =P

      Playing with old dance costumes and my camera. Most epic afternoon everrrr. Hehe =P


      1. ashleytm says:

        yeah that dress is epic =P


  4. Luke says:

    It actually looks like your wearing makeup in the self portrait o.O


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      That would be because I was…
      Well, I was wearing lipstick, anyway. =P My stage makeup makes me happy. =D


      1. ~Robin says:

        *headdesk* =P


  5. eruthaedur says:

    oh by the way, most if not all of those pictures are very very very well done…I like them =) good job. =)


  6. AnnaEstelle says:

    *grins* Headdesk? What? *innocent* O_O =P =P
    =) My camera makes me MORE happy than my stage makeup…=P That just has good memories tied into it that cover up the nastiness. My camera isn’t nasty at ALL. =D
    Spiffy picture, btw…;)


  7. Josiah=) says:

    mhm. I see=P lol

    thank you =)


  8. eruthaedur says:

    keep posting them=) I like the pictures.


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      …I love how you comment twice using a different name…*cough* =P …Woa. Never mind. You commented with THREE different names. O_o …You are starting to sound like Justin…*ahem*
      Lol =P Okayyyyyyyy. …but it takes so longg to resize them! *has excuses* =P


  9. ~Robin says:

    haha yeah..I know=P eruthaedur is the name of my account, so if I sign in with my account, that’s what will come up. =P but..if I sign in as a regular guest..than It will either go to Robin or Josiah most likely=P



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