More Music =)

That’s one problem with having music-obsessed friends and siblings. I now have about ten more CDs on my list of music I want. Ahhh, people who can use youtube all the time have no idea how lucky they are. I hate satellite internet. =P

At the recommendation of a friend, I looked up some songs by Heather Dale this morning. And I now have a new favorite singer. And a new favorite song. Sorry Hayley Westenra and Wuthering Heights. You got demoted to second place, in favor of Heather Dale and For Guinevere.

For Guinevere…but who is it from? Lancelot or Arthur?

It seems like it should be from Arthur (“with all the years between us,” etc.) But then again, it also seems like it should be from Lancelot (“I can see you’re always worrying / What they’d say if they found out,” “We don’t apologize for what we share between us”). Personally, I’m in favor of Arthur. But that may be because I like him better than Lancelot.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Yoda's Father says:

    King Arthur all the way baby, Lancelot is a total loser.


  2. Friedrich Nietzsche says:

    *cough* well, since she isn’t singing about GERMAN myth I don’t know how enthusiastic I can be…..
    Decent voice, though.


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      Oh hush. You’re just jealous. Go back to being dead. =P


  3. Netya Taethiel ;) says:

    Sorry to break this to you, but… this really sounds an awfullll lot like Lancelot. I can’t quite see it… like… hm, yeah. =P

    It’s pretty, but I still like Hayley Westenra better. And there is no way it beats Wuthering Heights. Or even The Lady of Shalott. ;)



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