Friends…and Poetry.

Dedicated to certain very amazing friends of mine.
I’m thanking God for you every day.



Left Behind
You have everything before you, traveling adventure
I have nothing left behind.
You have family and friends, photographs and stories
I have ghosts of you to find.

Just a lonely car ride home, empty silent rooms
Wishing you were here.
I am sitting where you sat, seeing what you saw
In my heart you’re near.

Doesn’t seem like yesterday, you were standing by my side
I was hugging you goodbye.
Seems like miles and years ago, I was giving you a smile
We were trying not to cry.

We both promised to come back, to see each other soon
But ‘soon’ can take so long.
Just know across the months, across each dragging day
My heart is sending you a song.


(I put aside my loathing for a certain band just for you, dear. Feel special…you are.)


5 Comments Add yours

  1. amy chawles says:



  2. amy chawles says:

    Well bake my biscuits i think you love me too!!!


    1. StellaFiriel says:

      I love you more ; )

      Don’t burn them…
      Yes I do. MORE. =D


  3. Josiah=) says:

    *thinks Amy should visit you more often…* =P I like talking with you two..; )


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      rofl! =P Oh spare us…That was epic. =D



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