CW13-No Letter ‘E’

Cast Party

I walk into a brightly lit room full of party sounds and vivid trimmings sparkling brilliantly in luminosity cast from a surplus of colorful lights. A cast party following a night of stunning dancing is in full swing. A dazzling cloth wraps around a board full of food, and I walk towards it, shouting through sounds of loud music to girls and boys that I know. I look down at a board with all kinds of chips, soda, candy, pasta and fruit salads, and junk foods coating its top, choosing what to pick. Happy, crazy girls and boys rock out to, and sing along with, strains of jazzy music. Joyful and slightly crazy dancing fills all gaps. Autographing show programs and shirts, consuming colossal amounts of food, laughing loudly, or kissing significant companions along dark walls, all individuals glow with fun and bliss. I finish my food during a dynamic chat with a girl I know and soon join a throng of girls and boys in high spirits. Dancing, carousing, talking, laughing, and having tons of fun, I wish my night at an amazing cast party could last for days.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap!!!!!!!!!

    verrrryyy impressive! i am no stranger to cast parties and that was very accurate minus the letter e! haha good job



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