CW2 Raise Me Up-Love

Raise Me Up

A t your feet I kneel, Oh God, hungry for your love.

A nswer my cries, Father! Where is your compassion?

A gain and again I fail to see that you are everything, your devotion has no end.

A gain and again I get up off my knees, thinking your compassion does not reach out to me.


N ever will I find a home in your love, I tell myself.

N o place for me is opened in your compassionate heart.

N eed I get back on my knees, to search for a kindness that is not there?

N eed I cry myself out, pour out my heart, call out for a love that can never be for me?


N ow I’m waiting again, praying for grace and compassion.

N o answer I hear, I’m talking to myself once more. When will I realize your love will not come?

N ow these thoughts echo in my mind. My heart berates me for doubting the power of your love.

N ow the shadows wash over me; pride keeps me from seeing my need for your kind redemption.


A lthough I keep up my outward masquerade, keep talking the talk of drowning in your love,

A nyone looking inside my heart will only see doors slammed against your compassion.

A maze me with your grace and loving kindness, Father. My prayerful words are empty.

A maze me, Oh God! Why can’t you hear my heart breaking for your love?


G lory surrounds you, angels sing for you, and all heaven feels your loving devotion.

G reat wonder is it, then, that you do not hear my quiet, whispered pleas for love?

G od, I try to put aside my pride. Please, where is your compassion?

G od, I have only a small voice in an ocean of prayers, but can’t you see? I die without your love.


O nly one voice, one whispered prayer, yet you say you hear even the least request for devotion.

O ne prayer out of millions, one despairing face, one bible with tears staining every word of love.

O h Lord, my Father, I want to believe; yet your kindness has abandoned me.

O h Lord, I am so alone. Will you not spare me one drop of moisture from your river of love?


O range and gold flash over my closed eyes; the sun sets on another day without your love.

O nce again I get back to my feet without any hope of your redeeming compassion.

O nly one person, why should he care? Why should his love cover me at all?

O nly one prayer for kindness that never gets answered, yet why, God? Why must it be mine?


D on’t pass over me, Lord! Won’t you stop for a moment and show me your compassion?

D ry my tears and open my heart again. Only you have the power to save! I long for your love.

D o you hear me? Am I talking to myself, asking the air for your love again?

D o you see me? I’m on my knees! Come down to me; raise me on your grace and compassion!


L ook down on me, God. I raise empty, trembling hands in a plea for love.

L ay your hand on my shoulder, spread your compassion over me like a blanket of mercy.

L onging for what I think I cannot have, I watch with envy as others feel your love.

L onging for you to notice me at last, I cry out to you once more for compassion.


I nside my head, your loving voice breaks suddenly, drowning me in its thunder.

I n my heart I feel you asking me to listen, asking me to stop closing myself to your compassion.

I am no longer talking to myself! Your love is there. It is enough.

I am at once plunged into your river; I see my mistakes and long even more for compassion.


N othing separates me from your love, my pride washes away in your rushing stream.

N ever will you abandon me, your compassion gently unlocks my heart.

N ow will I always look to you first, always believe in your love.

N ow will you answer my prayers at last? No more can I doubt your mercy and kindness.


G od, I believe. Will you help me to trust in your compassion and grace?

G od, will you teach me to listen to your voice? I have faith in your love, do not abandon me!

G od, my Father, will you be my Everything? Teach me to show your love to others.

G od, I am yours, I know your love will raise me up.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Alex Altland says:

    It’s impressive that you did four lines per letter (makes me feel more pathetic). And I like how the lines flow.


  2. Anna, this is simply beautiful. You did an amazing job. I can’t believe you did four lines for every letter. I really like the content and flow. Keep up the good work =)


  3. juliel1tps says:

    Whoa, Anna, that’s awesome. =D


  4. Lulu says:




    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      Oh my baff this was in 2010??? IM SO OLD!



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